Hide and Seek

It's a typical morning where I am rushing around to be ready to leave on time, and the one thing I can not find is my wallet.

Granted, it is my fault that it is the size of a credit card (Thank you Topman, but the £50 voucher is also in the wallet!) but I know I had it last night. I even used it to purchase a few bottles of wine from the corner shop... the dizziness this morning is self-inflicted!

Keys, phone, wallet, credit card... All those important things that you use everyday are always the things that want to play hide and seek at the MOST inappropiate times. The inner child wants to play, and adult wants to find it before the stress levels hit a new high.

What didn't help was me opening up google and typing in 'wallet finder' and looking at what I could have used to help find it. There are key finders, phone finders, and small wallet finders which are the size of a credit card and fit snug in the wallet. Not really helping matters, and my stress levels hitting the ceiling, I had a quick search on tips to find it.

The best tip I found was to relax and pour a cup of tea. Trying to turn each room upside down only frustrates you and there is less chance of finding the wallet. Instead, wander round each room and look in all the visible areas where you normally keep it, it may be right in front of you!

If, like me, you don't have time for the cuppa. Just have a quick glance around the typical places you normally leave it. It may be there, or in my case still playing hide and seek; at this point I gave up and vowed to work out a way to remember where I put my wallet when I get home.  I did call the corner shop to double check I didn't leave it there... no luck!

Whilst I continue to search for my wallet, I rang my bank and put a hold on my cards. It is the most quickest thing to do if this happens to you, and you can reactivate them when you find the wallet.

My searching continues... on the plus side, I am finding clothes I didnt realise I had!


After confirming to the bank that my cards are in fact missing, I go and find the wallet in my jean drawer! It is always the way; you lose it, you search, give up and cancel the cards, and then find it. At least I won't have to pay out for a new driving licence, or anything for that matter right now, and can spend that Topman voucher on something new :D

Woman have handbags. Parents, girlfriends or boyfriends move things around the house so you can't find them. But guys either have their coat pocket or jean pocket. My tip... get a bowl or something you can place your phone/keys/wallet in and then you know where they are. Don't make the mistake I did by cancelling your cards (yet again!) and finding it 5 hours later.

The box came from a shop called Evolution for £3.00. Alcohol from Tesco.