Fathers Day

Ok, so Fathers Day is a few days away and if you are like me and haven't thought about it yet, then don't panick. There is still time to get it done!

First thing to do is to get yourself over to or, and get a card sent! With prices from £2.99, you can have a card sent without having to move your legs!

I never really know what to buy my dad for fathers day. It can seem a little cheesy buying him a mug that claims he is 'Number 1 Dad.' So instead, I have found four different things that I could buy him instead. Each one links to the website, so you can get your dad this too!

The Graze Box

If you fancy hinting at your dad that he needs a health kick, then send him a Graze Box. This is a box of healthy snacks that is delivered by post to a chosen address (maybe his work?) on a weekend or daily basis. Ordering is simple. You choose a box type, then pick the days you’d like to receive them. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait to enjoy the food when it arrives, simple as that. Plus, you can send it ANYWHERE in the country!
At £3.79 a box (your first one is half price!), this is definately a present that is affordable and unique.  With over 100 different snacks, you can change it around and keep it interesting for him!

Nomad Shave Soap

Who doesn't need a shave sometimes? Especially the older man. This product is great for a traditional wet shave, and leaves the skin smooth! Its £14 for 100g, and is definately worth it!

Bungee Jump

He will probably be wishing you bought him that Number 1 Dad mug when he is about to do this, but bungee jumping 300ft would be entertaining for all the family! It's something different, fun, and reminds him that regardless of what you put him through, you still love him!

At £99.99 too, its a bargain for some entertainment!

He might be mad for a moment after, but I am surreee he will look back and see the fun side of it!

The iPhone Alarm Clock

This is for THE iPhone dads out there. An alarm clock that reminds him of his childhood (well, it looks old fashioned!) and you can make your iPhone be the facia for the clock. Its pretty cool, and costs £51 which isn't too much!

If you order now on any of these items, you will be able to get them delivered in time for Fathers Day. Do take note of their delivery times though, as some companies are cutting off delivery as early as THURSDAY! That's THURSDAY people! Make a note of that!

I think I might send mine off a ledge, 300ft high. Afterall, it would be a good laugh! :)

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