Bluebird Chelsea

I have heard so much about this resturant from people that when I sat down for a work lunch, my stomach was rumbling with excitment and the urge to order the entire menu.

From rocking up out front to the tennis ball covered canopy, to the moment I sat down, Bluebird Chelsea set the standard that the food would be literally out of this world. Plus I can feel like a tennis player too!

With a few bottles of wine flowing, the 10 of us slowly worked out what to have from the menu, whilst picking away at the bread on the table. I have such an OCD with wine pouring, and HATE it when the waiter doesn't turn the bottle to prevent wine falling on the table; the waiter seemed to have missed that training session!

With conversation flowing and the wine being consistently topped up, it wasn't long before the effects were being felt. To start, I ordered the Pea and Mint soup. It sounded great, it smelt great, and so I leant on in for a spoonful...

Only to find it was a cold soup!

You can image the shock to my starving tastebuds, all excited for a warm soup, to be served something cold. In the midst of the wine drinking, I failed to notice the *served cold* on the menu and geared myself up for a nice hot soup. Although, once over the shock (and a couple more sips of wine) I was found it refreshing and tasty!

The mains arrived, and I went for the 8oz rib eye steak, with a side of fries. Done medium-rare (take note, thats how I like it :P ), it came out looking exactly how I like it! However, waiting for 9 other plates to arrive over the course of around 10 minutes meant it cooled down to a lukewarm temperature. Still, it tasted great, but I would go for the 14oz sirloin next time!

Others opted for the Fishy kind!

Wine still going, conversation turned to exciting facts about each other. Being that it was a work lunch, many of us didn't know each other too well, so this was the perfect way after a few bottles of wine! As we went around the table, stories of bad dates, Vegas weddings and James Bond encounters had us crying with laughter. I went for the standard David Beckham encounter, which seemed to impress the table.

Being tipsy ALWAYS leads to snacking, and the phrase 'sod the diet' was repeated around the table when desserts came out. I opted for the Banoffee Sundae, which didnt fail to impress.

Layered with caramal, ice cream and cream, it was a fight fighters nightmare, a drunk persons heaven. Don't believe me? Then book a table and find out how great it was!

Only thing is that I ate it so quickly, I forgot to take a picture! It looked like this, only better!

With the meal coming to a close with a bottle of champers, and a toast to work for providing the lunch for us, we braved the steps down to the outside. Ten fully bloated, exceptionally drunk people made it out onto Kings Road and made our way home.

Bluebird is open seven days a week, and you can book online here, call them on 020 7559 1000, Facebook them or tweet them!

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