London Collections: Mens

Have you ever seen the Sex and The City film?

The part where Carrie reels off designer after designer as if she was in Fashion Heaven, when she is being shot for Vogue in different wedding dresses.

That was me, this weekend. Only I wasn't wearing wedding dresses, and I wasn't being photographed for Vogue. I was at the first London Collections: Mens, surrounded by designers that made me join Miss Bradshaw in Fashion Heaven!

Held at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, this was the first Mens Fashion Week, showcasing the emerging talents and brands that are shaping menswear. From Topman Design, to E Tautz, to Burberry, the line up was incredible, and I was fortunate to go to a couple of catwalk shows.

One of the shows I attended was by Sibling. Being a 9am show, I was part-sleepy, part-excited about seeing the collection. Once the lights went up and the show began, the sleep-deprived emotions disappeared as the room welcomed the latest collection.

With the Spring/Summer 13 titled Revolution, fueled with inspiration from the London Riots of 2011, this collection really came alive with imagery of smashed shop fronts, chaos and youths gathering in groups. Using white and gold as the primary colours, incorporating contemporary sportswear and placing giant sequins on the garments, the collection dazzled in the light. The added facial masks added to the inspiration; telling the audience that the focus was not just only on the clothes, but on the hooded gangs of the riots.

One of my favourite outfits from the collection.

 Joe Bates, one of the three designers for this, explained the reason for adding an element of sportswear  "...because every single image that you saw in the media showed rioters in sportswear.” Whats more, you are now able to purchase Sibling through Topman on Oxford Street, and their website.

For me, seeing a collection that turned a negative situation into a visually positive (and reaaalllyy exciting!) line of clothes made me want to get out my wallet and buy some of my favourite pieces. The colours worked well together, and I fell in love with one of the jumpers which I have now added to my 'to buy' list!

Keep an eye out for the post on the Hanky Hat too!

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