Lovely Lola's

Over the course of the last year cupcakes have really taken off in the UK, with them being sold in nearly every place imaginable. I walk through a country fair to find handbaked cupcakes, tasting what the supermarkets have to offer (not that good either!), or telling my friend Michaela that her cupcakes are so good she should turn it into a little part-time business. She has still to do that, but I will keep the hints going!

The one place, however, that no-one has been able to match just yet (sorry Michaela!) is that of Lola's Cupcakes. These are the best cupcakes around, with a range of different flavours and colours to suit even the most biggest suger-haters. The fact that they do not use any preservatives or canned products make it even more attractive to have when in need of a bit of self induldgence! Its a little bit of bad, mixed with a little bit of good... and oh my do they taste good.

My personal favourite is the Cookies and Cream, and all you need to do it look at the picture and description below to understand why. At £2.50 a cupcake, they are worth every single penny. They even sell miniture ones for £1.25, so if you are trying to watch the calories then you can whilst still enjoying yourself!

Lola's offer a range of different services other than just cupcakes. They cater for weddings and corporate events, specific cakes and even have a recipe book available. It's not just me who love them, google them for the reviews and you will be bombarded with quotes such as "These cupcakes are probably the best in the world, quite a large claim to make, but the butter cream icing! The different colour-coded flavours! The pretty packaging! Who knew heaven could be made out of eggs and flour?"

If you are in London, I cannot urge you to try these enough.

Lola's Cupcakes are available to order online, from their Mayfair Flagship store, Topshop, Harrods and Selfridges, or if you are busy in work, by delivery.

Note: The images used here are from Lola's website and remain their property, which can be found here: