Unique Brighton

Adjective: Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

I am fortunate to be able to call Brighton my current home, but rarely do I get the chance to have a wander around and take in what is around me. Unique, elegant and different, are three words that can describe Brighton. Sure, I see the pier and the shops on a regular basis, but to actually take in what is around me was quite surprising.
I am a country boy at heart, visiting the seaside again.

So, I took a saturday to wander around and catch a few snaps of Brighton in all its glory, and a few little oldies that I liked...

An early morning stroll along to town. Cloudy and not a person in sight.

A few toes in the water, before a wave crashed and got us wet through.

Yes, I did check out the local stand and try on everything I could.

Brighton is fortunate to have some extraordinary street art, created by local artists. This is found on the way through to the North Laines, an area of boutique shops that you can spend the day getting lost in.

Once in the Laines, one shop to always go in is Snoopers Paradise. This shop is a warehouse for boutique stalls, offering everything from 1970's style televisions, to modern day furnishing. Where else can you find a Noddy collection like this...

But what made me stop and stare for a while was an old selection of postcards from around the world. At 10 pence a card, you can take a part of history home with you. Its fascinating to read about what these individuals had to say, and the images are very unique.

After a browse around the Laines, we decided to do what any tourist would... Go to the pier. If you head over there, a selection of rides and gambling is within your reach, but I decided to keep it safe and go on the Merry-go-Round.

After spinning around a few too many times, it was time to wander home along the sea front, and have a much earned glass of Vino on the rooftops.

Brighton really is unique, fun and a great place to live. If you end up coming down let me know and I will show you around!