It's Britney's Bitch!

Fan. Noun: A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a famous person.

I know what your thinking... 'Britney, really?' but I cant help it, I am a hug fan of the one and only Britney Spears. The girl who burst onto our scenes in THAT schoolgirl outfit back in 1998 has now landed at London Heathrow this morning, ready to promote her latest, US Number 1 album Femme Fatale. (If you havent listened yet, you're in for a surprise!)

From being the worlds biggest superstar kissing Madonna, to her fall from grace in 2007, Britney has always done one thing and one thing only... Made great music. From Hit Me Baby One More Time, to Toxic, to her latest hit Till The World Ends, Britney sure knows how to make a hit for the fans.

Whilst also owning every album she has released, I also had the luck of going to her tour a few times. First was the Onyx Hotel Tour back in 2004, pre Britney 'I had kids and meltdown' Spears, and that was spectacular. The dancing was incredible, the crowd loved it, and I remember her welling up when she was about to sing Everytime.

The second and third time (yes, I did go twice) was Britney Version 2, The Circus Starring Britney Spears. After watching Britney: For The Record, I had found a new level of love for her. She was human, and if you ever wondered why she did what she did, watch that. Even the most hateful of people will think again about this amazing artist.

The concert was, in one word, UNBELIEVABLE. I had the privilege of going as a standing ticket one night, and VIP the second night. The dancing wasnt as fast-paced as her last tour, but my god did she give it. Plus, being about 5 meters away from my icon I have grown up with only heightened how amazing it was. I even made it onto her website... TWICE! :D

Me and Rose on the first trip...

A shot of Britney in action second time round... No zoom was needed for these.

Me and Leila sat on our sofa before the show began!

Strike a pose.... Again no zoom was needed. I could touch the stage whilst seated.

And now, she's back. Dancing better than she has before, the media talking about how hot her body is looking, and the fire that is raging in her eyes. The promo tour of the UK starts this week, and I may have to go on a Britney-Hunt around London to find her. Her tour, The Femme Fatale Tour, kicks off on October 27th at The o2 Arena, London. Here is a teaser of what to expect.


You've guessed it, I have got two tickets again! Thought Meet and Greet was sold out, so I have to figure out another way to meet my idol. But for now, I need outfit ideas...