Clapham Street Party

It's Monday. It's the start of the week, and your bank balance is telling you that you just spent pay weekend living like a King, whilst your liver feels like it's been beaten black and blue.

Then you find another receipt in your pocket for god knows how many drinks in a club, that you have no recollection of going to...

For me, I blame Clapham Street Party, held in (you guessed it!) Clapham. For the last 7 years, Kazbarr and Two Brewers have put on this street party with entertainment from the best drag acts in the business, tribute acts, and held in aid of GMFA. So it was pretty obvious the 8th one would be just as good.

You can get drunk for a good cause, what is not to like about that!

Pimms O'Clock

Keeping it classy with the Strongbow

Okay, so the queue was pretty long that you had to wait for about 20mins before you could get in, and the Madonna tribute act was worse than Britney Spears Drugged-Up-Shaved-Head VMA performance (Sorry Britters); but so what! The atmosphere was great and the sun was shining, everyone was enjoying the music, and the drag acts made everyone laugh.

My personal favourite... Drag With No Name and the brilliant 'Adele - The REAL Meaning...' Fortunately, you can watch and sing along too as it is on youtube!

With the party going on into the evening, we made our way into central to carry on. You never think about the way you will feel the next day, and the words 'I am never drinking again' are always said, but like I said, it was all for a good cause.

The one, mini lifesaver this Monday morning was getting off the tube to find a huge promo team giving out free bottles of Naked. This health kick smoothie is a MUST HAVE for anyone still struggling from the weekend and can feel the liver packing up and shifting bodies. It is full of healthy bits and pieces, and whilst it looks like tar, it helps the hangover and you come to terms with how much money you spent. Just.

Oh crap, another drinks receipt for Heaven...