The Guide To World Pride

Unless you live in a small cave on a dessert island with no contact with outside life, then you will know that this coming weekend is World Pride, in beautiful London.

No, the rumours are not true.

It is not cancelled, there have just been some changes.

Don't panic, you can still get your gay on and have an amazing weekend!

Afterall, we do not need huge expensive floats to prove a point. Pride is supposed to be about accepting who you are and what we have achieved in recent times, not the media circus that is focussing on the negatives. Yes, it is expensive and some people will be disappointed that some of the events have been cancelled or altered due to finances, but that can't stop everyone having a huge celebration without those material things.

Unfortunately for me, I made the fatal error of taking a long weekend abroad so at I will not be around for it. Absolute GayBoy error I know! Still, that doesn't stop me from letting you know where to go this weekend to celebrate!

Friday night, and with the working week over it is best to head up to Soho and start the drinking. With so many clubs, the world is your oyster. If you head on up to Circa, it is two for one cocktails which will get the night going, before working your way down to Old Compton Street. There are so many bars, from Shadow Lounge, to KU Bar, and even G A Y that you will be spoilt for choice. Click on their names to find out more info!

One thing to remember... Grab a wristband for Heaven from the guys outside G A Y. You may think you wont end up there, but if you do find yourself staggering in that direction then it will be discounted (or even free) entry!

Saturday morning, and you may not want to see the light of day...

But get up, and get yourself into central for the World Pride Procession that kicks off at 11am. The  procession will start at Baker Street and make its way down Oxford Street and Regent Street, moving down Pall Mall and Cockspur Street as it passes Trafalgar Square and continues down Whitehall. Get your whistles out, grab a drink (hare of the dog and all that) and enjoy the moment. With hundreds of people taking part, you would be a fool to miss it!

[caption id="attachment_1098" align="aligncenter" width="580"]
Oh Hello!

After the parade, get yourself to Trafalgar Square. The celebrations start at 1pm with Debra Cox, Boy George, and Corey Hart belting out some tunes, whilst drag acts, Gok Wan and other bands will be playing too! This is going to be RAMMED, so get there as quick as you can and make sure you take some alcohol too!

Quick tip... there is a Tesco opposite the fountains, which will be perfect to stock up on more alcohol!

With the big concert ending officially at 6pm, though many people will still be hanging around, the after parties will start. Whilst there is no official festival in Soho Square anymore, the streets of Soho will be full with celebrations and the bars pouring drinks by the gallons. The Edge is holding a street party, so read more to find out!
There is no time to sober up when there are a load of after parties to attend!

G A Y has decided that, after the whole Pride drama, to make it free to party all day and night at the club and Heaven... all you got to do is grab a wristband from out front. Heaven (if you dont already know) is a little further out of Soho by Charing Cross station, but is open all night. There may even be some surprise performers on the night!

WE Party is one of THE parties to attend on pride night. Literally, it is amazing and would be my choice of place to go to. Sure, it is in Elephant and Castle at the Coronet which is out of Soho, but with amazing music, bright show and great drink deals, it is always a great night!

If you want to head to Brixton, then you have the Hustler Ball to start. As the Official World Pride After-Party, this will not fail to impress. You can head to Soho for a few hours of drinking before going, as the party is on from 11pm - 7am. I know the wallet may feel a little light after this, but it is sooooo worth it!

If you are fancing something a little urban for your afterparty, then head over to Vauxhall for the Urban World Pride Party. Acting as another Official After-Party, this party has three rooms playing the latest urban music from 8am to 6am. Tickets are £10 which isnt too bad, and you can always continue to the other clubs around there after 6am to keep pride going into Sunday!

Don't forget that whilst these are the Official After Parties, there are a whole host of clubs in Soho that you can be partying at too if you don't want to travel too far. Lo-Profile is always a great shout, as is Freedom and Green Carnation. Don't forget that an I Am Soho card would get you extra discount! The Edge is holding a street party and is open till 3am too, so that is always a great shout to go to if you are not feeling Trafalgar Square! It will spill into Soho Square, so whilst there is no official party like I said, it will still be buzzing with celebrations!

Sunday morning, and if you are not still going (why not?!) then you may be feeling like crap.

You might be saying 'I am never drinking again...'

Your clothes may be stained with beer and god knows what else....

You may have to scroll through your camera gallery to remember what happened...

And, you may be waking up with a stranger in your bed... *Sung just like Katy Perry*

But at least you know that you would have partied at World Pride to celebrate everything Gay.

That, and that alone, will show that you have celebrated who you are and enjoyed every minute of it. Regardless of the drama, making pride successful is down to the people who attend and make it a celebration. I am just gutted I will be tanning it up in another country.

Enjoy! x