After attending the London Collections and seeing some unique designers that are bucking the trend, I had to go about to finding a brand that isn't the standard high street, but oooozzes cool and class!

You know, a brand that you know you can wear and not find someone else withing 20 mins wearing the same item!

So what is better than checking out what my homeland has to offer, in the good ol West Country in the city of Bristol! No, not like Vicky Pollard Bristolian. More like Barrrthhh Bristol please, and in particular, Peregrine.

Since 1956, Peregrime has been creating knitwear for all seasons of the year, and whilst they are stocked in a couple of shops, it is the showroom that makes you feel like you are really getting something unique. From coats, to jumpers, to hats and picnic coolbags, this brand makes you feel all patrotic and English countryman. The Men’s AW12 collection includes waxed utility jackets and the Harris Tweed gillet, which has already been added to my To-Buy list when it becomes available, as has the model!

This Harris Tweed gillet is a must buy for the autumn

Oh, did I mention that it is all made in England? ALWAYS a good thing! Ladies, don't fret. You can get in on the action too with their ladies range online.

The All Terrain Jacket.

I am already itching to get my hands on this collection, so I am counting down the days until 1st September. I have fallen in love with this Cable Jumper, and the pattern of the knitwear is tasteful! I adore the button work on the top shoulder, and the small 'peep holes' across the garment...

The Cable Jumper in Mole Grey

It is kind of saying 'I am a country boy, come and find out for yourself!'

Oh...Okay, if you insist!

With it being the middle of summer -ish and us all worrying about what shorts to buy (my top rated ones are here!), it is still a great idea to start saving up for winter. Afterall, who wants to be wearing that same coat from two winters ago? Unleash your inner farmer, imagine wandering through the countryside, and take a look at these two.

The Hainsworth Wool Bromley jacket

The Harris Tweed Deconstructed Blazer

Of course, not everyone wants to be a farmer like me. The Blazer above would be great to wear to the office, or to a fancy meal up city, so don't feel that it is all about cows and sheep!

Another item from their AW12 collection is the Woodford Wax Jacket. Yes, it looks similar to Barbour, but that's the point. With everyone jumping on the Barbour bandwagon, I am going to opt to chose this one instead as the quality is so much better. Even the feel of the item screams Englishman; I can imagine myself walking the dogs on a crisp winter morning wrapped up in it, walking along saying 'Good-day young fellow' in a deep englishman voice to all the passer bys!

Okay, I am getting a little excited and ahead of myself here.

Woodford wax jacket
The Woodford Wax Jacket

Whilst one can find these dashing garments on the computer from September 1st, all yew young fellows should know that this exquisit brand is already available in two London Farmyards. I be happy to tell yew that the first is Wolf and Badger on Dover Street, and the second Stumper and Fielding on Portobello Road. Though do look on the computer first!

I think I have started to fall back into the west country lingo slightly!