The Man Flu Survival Kit

Man Flu, if anyone is wondering, does exist. We all get it, but it is the prime opportunity to be like a kid with a day off school again, and spend the day in your PJs!

Sounds like heaven in any busy lifestyle. Minus the coughing and everything else that comes with it, obviously!

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To get through to the other end, you will most definitely need:

- A multi pack of Lucozade, or a packet of Barocca.
- A consistent stock of Orange Juice and Milk. It is all about Vitamin C!
- A box of tissues (preferably the softest ones possible to prevent sore noses).
- Strepsils, or Lockets.
- Paracetamol or Ibruprofen.
- A one litre tub of Ben and Jerries.
- A good selection of DVDs, or links to television programmes online (which are all below for you).
- A comfortable bed with lots of pillows, and the most comfortable duvet you can find!

Man Flu, Survival, Blog, That Guy Luke, Illness

Right now I have zero energy thanks to this alien that is currently taking residence in my body. Usually I take a few paracetamols and a bowl of hot water and it's gone. This one isn't budging!

Don't go to the doctors when you have Man Flu, because after a long wait they tell you the standard 'take some tablets and bed rest' sentence.

I know, the thought of going to the doctors will make you feel better and justify that you have the flu, but it really isn't worth zapping all your energy to go there!

Instead, stock up on that list and ride this out till the end like a man! Get your friends, partners, parents or whoever happens to answer their phone to grab all the items for you, whilst all you have to do is lay back and enjoy some you-time.

Don't forget the puppy eyes, they are always a winner in these situations!

Man Flu, Survival, Blog, That Guy Luke, Illness

Literally, I have drank so much Lucozade and Orange Juice that I think my blood is an orangie colour... The vitamin C in the OJ helps keep your cells healthy and fight the flu, whilst the Lucozade helps your sugar levels! The milk contains Vitamin A, which helps boost your immunity, which is much needed at this time!

Read label of the tablets though to ensure that you don't take too many in a given time, but if you are taking throat lozenges and pain relief, make sure your spacing them out between each other.

Don't forget to open a window! fresh air and cooling your temperature down will help fight this nasty little bugger!

The plus side to being ill? You can catch up on those shows you missed and watch those boxsets you got for christmas. I have caught right up to date with Revenge, The Apprentice, and have even started watching old series of the Great British Bakeoff! Once they have ran out, get online to 4od, iPlayer and ITV Catch up to keep yourself entertained :D

Make the most of being in bed for the day, before you know it you will back to full health and having to be a responsible adult again!

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