For all those out there who have ever bullied someone, or discriminated someone for your own pleasure, please take a minute to watch this. It may surprise you and make you think twice about your actions.


The hardest thing is being true to yourself, and coming out is the hardest thing for someone to go through.
For me, the bullying started in year 6, when a 'friend' told me I was going to be gay when I was older, and continued through until the end of year 10. As hard as it is, the only way you can get through it is to keep believing that one day it will get better.

I don't know what I can compare coming out to, because quite frankly, there is nothing that comes close to the fear you feel. The bullying does not help, because it leads you to feel that you are wrong, that being gay is wrong, which is quite the contrary. Being gay is not something that is wrong, it is a part of who someone is. Yet there are still people in society who promote homophobia everyday, and continue to discriminate towards individuals who are just the same as them.

Homophobia needs to stop now. The parents of this child are lucky he did not commit suicide, but how many others are as lucky?