Light Envy

Every year, the christmas lights come out amongst the neighbourhoods and towns, and as always, there are always the ones who decorate their houses in them.

Every year my parents would take me to a house around the corner, where the owner had decorated the entire house in amazing lights. It would signify the start of christmas for us, and each year the display has grown bigger and bigger. I still visit now when I am back in the area, because it brings back so many memories for me and makes me feel all festive.

What makes me chuckle though, is the obvious competition that neighbours have each year with their lights. When I lived on a new development, Christmas was the time of year that each house would show off their lights, and whisperings would go round about who has the best lights. I called it Light Envy, because each year the classic 'I wish I had those lights' line would be said amongst the neighbours, aimed towards one beautiful house which stood out that particular year. Its brilliant, because each year you see a house add another set of lights to its display, and the street is illuminated with Christmas lights...