Ok, so technically this isn't a surprise as I had booked it and then forgot about it, but to have these come through the door this morning was a surprise (and reminder!).

I am a huge fan of Florence and The Machine, so when I heard she was going on tour again I had to buy tickets! I went to her Lungs tour back in 2009, which was phenomenal. She is one of those artists that doesn't need the fancy stage (coughcoughLadyGaGacough), insanely good choreography (coughBritney) or huge venues (screw it, look at U2 or Madonna for that one!) because you just get lost in the music. It's a strange moment when your in a small venue, waiting for that drum to kick in and the crowd go wild. When they do, it is an electrifying hour and a half where you jump up and down, and feel like you are sat in their living room with them having a private concert!

Tickets have sold out for all her dates this year, but I am sure eBay will have some spare. If you can get your hands on some, then by all means go! It may not be your kind of music, but you will walk out a fan. Here are a few shots from her last tour... We got that close by using our elbows slightly!