The Revive Survive Face Saver

This is a little life saver.

Okay, that is a bold statement, but when there are so many products on the shelves, it is hard to find one that stands out from the others for something specific. Especially skincare for men!

Say hello to Rehab, and in particular, their new (ish) Revive Survive Anti-Fatigue cream which has now cemented it's place in my wash bag!

Rehab London, Blog, Male Beauty, Face Cream

This little pot is perfect for when your face needs a pick-me-up after a night out on the town, looking a little on the tired side of life, or just need to add a bit of moisture back into your skin.

It is, literally, The Face Saver!

Rehab have produced a range of products that are specially for men. Our skin is different to female skin, and sometimes the chemicals in there can do more damage than good - hence the '95% naturally derived for men' mention on the box!
Basically, that means that it contains natural ingredients that your face craves on a daily basis, which helps moisturise and give you your glow back.

Rehab London, Blog, Male Beauty, Face Cream

The idea behind this cream is that you can put it on, day or night, and in 10 minutes the magic kicks in to refresh your face.

All you need is a pea size amount...

Rehab London, Blog, Male Beauty, Face Cream

... because it spreads really well. Rub it in, time 10 mins and your skin will feel softer and refreshed.

Pretty simple stuff!

If you have oily skin though, don't be put off by the slightly grease look the product gives when you put it on. Once it has soaked in, it doesn't make your skin look greasy at all.
I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and now carry it around with me in-case I need a bit of refreshing- and now I am hooked I think I am going to try the Scrub Up Daily Detox next! 

There are a range of other products in the Rehab range too, have a look here. The prices may scare you off at first, but it is worth the investment as they last for so long! 

Check them out on Twitter too, as they are always running competitions to win some prizes, and at the same time check out my profile too!