Five Guys

If you need somewhere quick to go for a bit to eat tonight, then this could be the place for you!

I have been absolutely dying to get down to Five Guys in Covent Garden. There has been so much hype surrounding their arrival from America to set up shop in London, so the moment I touched down from Dubai it was at the top of my go-to list.

So, I grabbed Frankie from work, and we made our way to Seven Dials with empty stomachs.
Time for a burger, Five Guys style!

We placed our orders, and waited eagerly as we watched our burgers moved closer to our pick up point.
We both went for the Bacon Double Cheeseburger and Small Fries. 
I have read quite a few reviews about Five Guys, but the best (and also mentioned on their screens) is by my friend Rose who runs The Londoner...

'Heaven in a brown paper bag.'

Ready to see whats inside?

Hello bad boy.
In the words of every hungry person out there... Get in my belly!

Here's a quick tip though... Order a small fries! There are so many of them!

The burgers tasted uh-mazing! They are up there with the big gun burger-joints of London, but with an American twist. 

The best thing about Five Guys, apart from the burgers, are the drinks. There are over 150 to chose from!
Yes, you read that right. 1-5-0.
There is this huge machine which you walk up to, chose your type of drink from Fanta, to Sprite, to Coca Cola, and then chose the flavour.

I introduced myself to Strawberry Sprite, whilst Frankie went for Peach Fanta, both of which were spot on in taste, and perfect to wash down our dinner!
Falling into a burger coma, we swigged the last of our drinks and made our way back out into the London night. 
Those empty stomachs were full of American goodness! You have to go pay them a visit, and they can be found here in Covent Garden, and they have a store opening in Islington in November!

Or if you don't have time for a sit down, you can order ahead for take away here

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