The Windsor Castle

To find a country-like pub in the middle of London is sometimes a bit of a mission.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found just that, but it also made me feel like a hobbit at the same time! Perfect!

The temptation to walk around bare foot and find Gandalf was almost over-whelming, though I resisted!

The Windsor Castle, in Kensington, is a little gem that makes you feel like you are out of London and amongst the fields with the dogs by the fire. With the rain splashing against the window, all I needed was my wellies!

With a great food menu (I went for the Rump Steak which was to die for!) and a jug of Pimms a mere £14, you come away with a full stomach and a tipsy head.

Apologies for the slight blur... Camera Phone!

Once inside, it was hard to remember that you are a full height human, not a hobbit, when going through the small doors! Especially after a couple of drinks. All they needed was the theme music to the films and you would have felt right in the heart of Hobbiton.

Luckily, the great atmosphere made you feel like you were part of the family and after a few bangs to the head, I got used to the small door frames!

Fit for any Hobbit-Wannabe!

Just make sure you don't bump your head!

 What is even better about The Windsor Castle is the FREE Bloody Mary you can have when you visit. Yes, FREE and Bloody. Just don't make your own by hitting your head!

All you need to do is follow the steps on the chalk board next to the bar, or join the mailing list by clicking here!

A free drink, and feel like a hobbit. What is not to like in there?