The Diamond Jubilee

'I will not see something like this again, so I am coming to London to see the Flotillia!'

Those were the words that echoed down the phone from my mum, and a few days later I was greeting her at Waterloo with open arms, ready for a few days of walking around London to take in the atmosphere!

The rumours that Harrods had decorated the front of the store to replicate Bucks Palace seemed to be partly true. Still, we went on in to visit Cafe Godiva. This is a little chocolate heaven on the second floor, and after tucking into a chocolate fondue you feel like you are on cloud 9.

From there, we took in more atmosphere around Oxford and Regent Street, before heading down for Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason. Set in the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon on 4th, the food was so tasty that I even contemplated getting a second portion.

We even stayed on theme and chose the Jubilee Tea from the selection. After all, it did say it was 'truly fit for a queen.'

Oh, if you insist!

The BEST Lobster Omlette

Flotillia day was spent taking in the atmosphere along the thames, with me and mum walking from Westminster to Battersea to really take in the excitement. Some people said it was chaotic, we said it was fun and British.

People even broke into building sites to get a view of the queen.

Fortunately, we found the perfect spot just up by Battersea, which had a view in both directions. With our flags waving and champagne being popped, we joined in with the crowds cheers and excitement as she passed.


Lizzy Lizzy, Give us a wave!

Following that, we made our way back to the tube before the HUGE crowds left, and made it home in time to catch the fireworks on Tower bridge.With a huge smile on mums face, and my goosebumps still tingling from the music, we headed back to Wiltshire that evening. 'My feet are so sore, but that was worth every moment.'