The Perfect Top

As much as I love a good shop around for some clothes, there are always the days where I browse and not find anything I like at all, or I have something similar in my wardrobe already...

Ok, maybe that is a sign that I go shopping too much :/

Then there are the times when you are shopping, and you find what can only be described as the 'I have to have that I will do anything for it' bit of clothing. You all know what I mean. It doesn't matter how much it is, because the moment you try it on you feel great and that's it, purchase done.

That time was the other day, when I wandered into Bath to have a browse around to see if there was a new top I could wear for a friends night out. I have got a little bored of wearing a typical shirt, or t-shirt on a night out, and fancied something a little different. Before I knew it, I was saying hello to the Grandad shirt, and typing my pin in quicker than you can say 'how much is this?'

Grandad shirts have really come into their own over the last 6 months or so, and add something a little different and hip to an outfit, whilst still keeping that touch of class. This one in particular came from All Saints, but you can find many more for a lower price at Starbright and ASOS, and whilst it has been dubbed the 'bib top' by some friends, I think it looks great!

The great thing about the bib top (I am going to call it that from now on) is its versatility. You can wear this for a night out on the town, or flip it and wear it to an interview. As always, I separate it from my daily wear, as I like to keep some things for best you know. Here is how I wore it on a recent night out.

I mixed the top with some burgundy chinos from Topman, and added some plain brown loafers to really give it an all round, nice look. What was also impressive about it being All Saints, is that when a girl decided to spill coke down my back, it did not soak into the material and stain.

All Saints do a great collection, but there are many more websites that sell these! Here are some of my fav's I have found online. Just click on the picture and your be taken straight to the site :)

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