Welcome To Portland

Last weekend, I packed up the car and darted out of London into the sun-drenched countryside, on my way to a little island for a big reunion with some friends.
Throughout our school and sixth-form years, the group of us spent the majority of our time together. We would be in the same classes, go to the same parties, and created memories that still have us kneeling over today.
Every summer, we had one tradition which we always stuck to. We would pack up the cars, meet at Jack's house, and drive down together to his beach huts for a Great British holiday. 
Over the years, we have all stayed in contact and seen each other when we can, especially with the group now dotted around England and soon to be Korea. However, our traditional holiday slipped away.
So, you can imagine my excitement when I got a message saying that a reunion was happening, and it would be back where we used to escape in the summer.

Welcome to Portland.

Portland is a small island just off the coast of Dorset, made entirely of limestone and perfect for a break away from everyday life.
The moment you arrive on the island, you lose phone signal and struggle to get it back. Perfect for a group of friends who were in desperate need of a catch-up. Terrible for loved-ones who want to keep in contact.
It was as remote as you can imagine, but with the added lifeline of a car if needed!

We would be staying in the beach huts on Portland Bill, the most southern part of the island. These huts are right on the sea front, with a car battery to give them electricity, and the sea acting as the showers. Each of the huts are filled with beach memorabilia that has been collected over the years, which only adds to the experience every time we visit.

Portland Bill Beach Huts. Great British Holliday
Portland Bill Beach Huts. Great British Holiday. England

VW Campervan. Great British Holiday. England.
Some of the group chose their VW camper over the beach huts.

After a Jay Z filled car journey from London, we arrived down the dirt track to 16 different hugs and screams as the group were brought together once again. Some accents had changed, others had brought their new partners, and the chatter revolved around everyone's lives whilst we sat out in the evening sunshine.

That Guy Luke. Blogger. Portland Bill. Great British Holiday.

That Guy Luke. Portland. Blog. 2013. Great British Holiday.

That Guy Luke. Blog. Portland. Great British Holiday.

That Guy Luke. Blogger. Portland. 2013. Great British Holiday.

As the sun and heat died down with the evening and the wine and beer flowing, the conversations turned to reminiscing about our last holiday as a group. With a weekend full of relaxing in each others company, and making sure traditions were kept alive, we drank up and headed to our huts for some much earned sleep.

See you in the morning...

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