Being temporarily across country from London, and living in what can only be described as farmer land, the only form of local nightlife is a Lloyds bar, and a make-shift club aptly named Moo-Moos. For me, coming from two cities where nightlife is vibrant and non-dramatic, I had to find a new club where me and my friends could go on a Saturday night and enjoy.

Cue VanIty.

Bristol has really transformed over the last few years, and VanIty opened last October in the centre of the clubbing scene. Housed in an old building, the venue has the spark of a London club, with the drink prices of the west country. For me and my friends, this is perfect for a Saturday.

With entry at £5 and cocktails starting at £6, you really cannot go wrong with this club. The atmosphere was sophisticated but lively, and the dancefloor was filled with the latest tunes.  Me and my friends stayed on the Vodka mixers and Jagerbombs whilst we danced the night away, and you were able to buy four Jagerbombs for £10, which is great if there is a group of you.  The only annoying thing was when the lights came up at 3am, and it was time to head home.

VanIty also let you reserve tables in their VIP area for an extra cost of being a member, and can also let you throw your birthday party there! Its glam meets west country. Check out their website.