Sunny Sunday

With the sun finnnalllyyyyy making a long-awaited appearence, me and a few of my friends made it down to Clapham Common on Sunday for some much-needed tanning.

Ok, maybe not 'much-needed,' but you know what I mean. Top up the tan session!

Packing the free cool bags with tanning lotion (and oil!), music, magazines and blankets, we hopped onto the Northern It's-A-Mobile-Sauna line and arrived to find the common completely rammed of sun worshippers. Nursing a slight hangover from the night before, we set about trying to find the perfect spot. You know how it is, looking for a little while and hesitating where to sit.

It's all about the broken sunnies. The calculator, not so much.

From football games, to sing-a-longs, to pizza deliveries, Clapham Common has it all. It is like being in the countryside, in the middle of the big smoke. We found a spot that wasn't too busy, but enough for us to keep an eye on the people walking by!

A bit of sunshine eye candy is always a good thing!

Strike a pose Joe

Topping up the holiday tan

The cutest dog, doing the cutest walk.

There is always time for ice cream!

After a good while of tanning, people watching and gossiping, we took our tanned and burnt skin for a wander through Clapham high street, stopping for a drink in a couple of the bars, before stagging back home later that evening. Thankfully, Tesco Express sold aftersun so I could cool my skin down before heading back to work.

If you fancy going down to the common, then hop on the Northern line south (remember to change at Kennington is you are coming from Charing Cross branch), and then head out of the station. You really can't miss it, and with a range of bars and pubs such as Kazbar and Two Brewers, you can continue into the evening.