The Miko Spinelli Jacket

You know the feeling just as much as the person standing next to you when looking for something specific.

Walking round the same store, looking at the same items, and still not being able to find something that you like. Eager to spend the money for once, yet you can't find what you want.

Then you move onto the next store, to repeat eactly what you just did in the last, and walk out empty handed whilst getting annoying that 'none of these bloody stores have what I want.'

Then, you find yourself back at home, trailing through the internet trying to find the same item. Again, nothing stands out. Frustrating is an understatement.

For me, one of the items I have been trying to find for a while is a decent Bomber jacket. You know, those jackets that were all the range back in the late 90's, and have now come full circle and back on the must-have list for 2012. I have searched high and low and whilst there are some cool ones around the high streets, nothing has really stood out to me.

Until now that is.

I was introduced to the new premium collection from Miko Spinelli through a friend, and immeadiately fell in LOVE with it. Think 'Italian fashion meets your grandmas porcelain china tea pot' and you have a collection that is eye catchingly good.

Miko Spinelli

Miko Spinelli

I know right, those patterns didn't seem so cool when you visited the grandparents. On these jackets however, they look absolutely amazing. The delicate patterns contrast with the panelling and metal zips, whilst you can feel sporty with the cuffs and waistbands. Throw on one of the flat caps that use the same pattern and embroidery, and you are definately onto a winner.

Personally, I wouldn't wear both the jacket and hat at the same time, but each of them individually can be added to make up an outfit.

Miko Spinelli

Miko Spinelli

So far, this eagerly awaited collection has gained some pretty impressive reviews, and I can see why. With only a handful of each jacket being made, it is definately a moment to grab something unique. His website (found here) showcases the currently SS12 collection too, and whilst the prices are a little higher than your Topman or River Island equivilents, its the quality and designs that make it worth the money.

Whilst bomber jackets may go out of fashion next year, you know they will come back round again like it has with the 90's.

Plus, you are saving your energy by not having to walk around the high street in search of something that stands out. Another winner!