Those Perfect Abs

There is always part of someones body that they want to change. Whether it be something facial, those toes, hips, bum, arms, we always want to have something different or better. If you are one of those people who say you are happy with your body, then you need to tell us the secret to that! :D

For almost everyone, it is all about the abs! You know, those muscles that always hurt when you laugh and haven't been around since you had that last bit of christmas leftovers (well, in my case anyways!). They are core muscles, so help maintain your body posture and of course, need to look good for that summer body!

There is no other way to get good abs without working out, and eating healthily. It is that simple. I spoke to one of my friends who I used to live with to find out what he had to say about getting the perfect abs, who has gone from nothing to being in the running for Heat World torso of the week, and I thought I would share with you what he said.
I was really strict with my diet and only ate clean healthy foods, any carbs were wholewheat (pasta, brown rice, bread, pittas) and plenty of meat and fish (tuna, salmon, turey, chicken, lean mince, steak). Take photos every week, it helps motivate you and you usually wont see any physical changes for at least a month!

The improtant thing to remember is to constantly change your workout routines to ensure you don't get bored of working out.. I didn't do any cardio what so ever to get my defined six pack, that was achieved purely from hard workouts and a clean and healthy diet. Dont get me wrong, I always had one cheat day a week where I ate what I wanted and I would always be out drinking at the weekend! At the end of the day I am still human but the lifestyle I live now is so much better than before and you really don't realise that until you do start to eat healthy and become more active!

This is what Callum looked like when he started:

This is what Callum now looks like:

Obviously he has worked out on all his other muscles too, but a few hours in the gym or at home each week will help you tone up and get the abs for the summer! Callum gave me a list of ab exercises which are really easy to do at home, and if you do a couple of them each day then you will start to see a difference! These are really not hard to do, so guy and girls can do these before you head off for your day at school, uni or work!

The Ball Crunch

If you have an exercise ball, then this is a great way to kick start your metabolism and work on your balance at the same time. You perform a sit up whilst on the ball, coming from a laid down horizontal position, to sitting upright. Just remember to keep your stomach sucked in as you do it. Three sets of 15 will help burn a bit of tummy and work those muscles!

The Bike

This one looks easy, and for the first few it will feel like nothing is happening, but it will kick in and the burn will happen! Lay on your back, and bring your legs up to 45 degrees in a straight position. Hands to your head. Then, bring your left leg to your chest, whilst bringing your right elbow to meet your left knee. The key to this is to keep your arms locked in place, so that you have to twist your abs to get to that meeting point. Then repeat on the opposite side. The quicker the better, as this will work the abs more. Start with three sets of 15, but then work upwards when you find it getting easier.

The Mummy Crunch

This one works your legs and your abs, so you are onto a winner. As you can see in the picture, place your legs in the air vertically, and perform three sets of 15 sit ups. It will feel really tight and you might feel like you are only moving a couple of inches from the ground, but it works so stick with it! If you want to make it harder, put your arms straight and reach for your toes each time. No cheating by bending your legs though!

The Plank.

'Oh, I can do that, it's easy.' When you try this, you might change your mind. Assume the position and suck your stomach in, and tense your bum, and hold yourself in this position for 30 seconds. Remember to keep your back horizontal and dont stick your bum in the air! Those 30 seconds are the longest ever, and you will start to feel like you want to drop to the floor, but don't give it. It works your core and strengthens the abs, making them more toned. If you find it easy, up the by 30 seconds each time!

The Crunch

This is a slight alteration to the standard crunch, with your arms stretched out above you. Do three sets of 20, and your will feel it. If you find having your arms above you, then bring them back to the original position (hands on head) and finish the sets that way.

These five really work, I have started these last week and alternate which ones I do each day. If I don't have time one day, I just make sure I try to fit in at least one of them. Just remember to keep your stomach sucked in though!

In no time, your abs will start to look like this...
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Let me know how you get on!