Jumping to Florence

Saturday night. Alexandra Palace, London. 9pm. Florence and the Machine.

Two years ago, I was stood outside the o2 Academy in Brixton, ready to go to my first Florence and the Machine gig. This for me, was one of the best gigs I have been too and cemented me as a fan for life. Her stage presence, quirky moves and huge voice behind some brilliant songs made the gig a stand out over other artists such as Rihanna and Britney. Want proof that she can sing well... check the video at the bottom of the page!

So you can imagine my excitement when I found myself waiting again for this act to appear on stage in the Alexander Palace with my friends Nick, Frankie and Jack, in support of her second album Ceremonials. This album is a continuation from her debut Lungs, with bigger and louder beats and her voice belting once again. With the grandeur of the venue, the elegance of Florence and her Machine, the entire event was finely tuned to turned even the most critical into fans.

With a set that featured songs from both her albums, the crowd was going crazy. From her opening number 'Only If For A Night' through to 'Rabbit heart' and 'Never Let Me Go,' Florence had us transfixed on her and her lungs. With a few shout outs to her mum in the audience, and describing the reason she wrote some of the songs, the gig felt intimate and personal. There were so many highlights, but one that stood out was the stripped back version of Drumming Song, which really propelled the audience and raised the roof. It was amazing!

What makes me feel that a gig has been really successful is when you listen back to the album, and as much as you get goosebumps listening to it once again, you know that hearing it live gives it even more justice. I have been to a few gigs in the past where the album was better coming through the speaker than live, but this is not the case. The album is a grower, and Lungs is just as good too. Check them out!

The Ceremonials Tour is sold out, but if you are able to catch her at a gig this summer then I can assure you she will not disappoint you! :D

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