The Autumn Wardrobe

London Fashion Week is about to draw to a close, so whilst the models have walked down the catwalk showcasing next seasons must have pieces, I started to think about my wardrobe for the Autumn.

Or in my case, an excuse to go shopping!

The days are getting shorter, colder, and wetter, so it's goodbye to the shorts and vests, and a hello to a trip down the shops to buy these pieces that I have found for you (or a click on the links to get them online!).
Your wardrobe will be ready to battle any storm Autumn throws at you.

Let's start with shoes. Afterall, most people check out what shoes you are wearing on first impressions, so you need to get these right. For me, brogues are a must have this winter because they can be worn for any occasion. Try walking through the wet streets in some suede shoes and your socks will drown, brogues however, will keep your toes warm!

These bad boys can be found here, and will compliment any outfit. The light brown means you can wear it with any jeans and still look smart or casual, depending on your look! Buy them here.

What to wear on the bottom half is always a bit tricky in the summer, but the autumn is easy and Topman have got it completely covered in this department!
You need three pairs of trousers; One pair of dark denim jeans, one pair of light jeans, and one pair of black jeans. You don't need any others, honestly, as these three colours will provide you with every combination you need, from smart to casual, lunch or partying. 
The rule to jeans this season is to have them tapered, and the brogues match them too!
Number 1 can be bought here, Number 2 is here, Number 3 is here. Don't forget your student card if you are starting at university!

When it comes to tops, there are so many out there with a range of different designs. From patterns, to stripes, to the standard white shirt, the shops are your oyster. Especially when they will be hidden under jumpers or coats and scarfs!
Therefore, here are 4 tops that are on my shopping list (which you can view here), and will last the autumn and into winter!

Whilst you have your base layer sorted for when you get to the pub or dinner, it is all about what you wear on top whilst walking down the high street. If it isn't too bad out, then a jumper or cardigan will keep you warm. A burgundy kint will go well with any of the jeans, and my choice would be this absolute gem from All Saints.
You can buy it here, and know you will be wrapped up warm for when the snow comes!

Of course, autumn means coats and jackets. Whilst some of last seasons coats will still look great this year, there is always room on the coat rack for a new one. For me, big hooded parkas are a must for when the snow or rain is hammering down, whilst the classic bomber is great when the sun does pop out.

You can find the Bomber jacket here, and pick up the parka jacket here

Obviously there are so many different varieties around on the high street, so don't be afraid to mix and match your outfit choices and go for different colours in the coats, it will still look great and keep you stylishly warm.
Throw together some accessories if you want too, and my top (not-to) secret... Ski socks under your jeans to stay warm!

I'm going to go grab a glass of mulled wine to get into the autumn spirit, let me know if you have found any pieces and I will share them on Pinterest too!