Street Feast London

I absolutely love food, so this was the perfect place to go after a long week on Friday night. A food market, in an old warehouse in east London.

However, this wasn't just any food market, this was Street Feast. A mixture of different food trucks and stalls, pint size drinks and music filled the open air warehouse, and the perfect place for your own Man Vs. Food challenge!
Or in our case, me vs. Lee challenge!

From burgers, to mussels, to ribs, to ice cream, you are spoilt for choice at Street Feast. Each week there are different food stalls with chefs cooking their master pieces ready for you to eat! 
Welcome to Foodie Heaven!

We grabbed our pints, and worked out our plan of attack!

The first stop for us was The Rib Man, one of the food stalls I have been dying to visit. I love love love pulled pork and ribs, so was excited to grab a plate and see if the rumours were true. We watched the chef pull the pork from the marinated ribs, pile it onto a bun and ask us if we wanted BBQ or Holy Fuck sauce... 

BBQ all the way for me

The result... This bad boy!

It tasted absolutely amazing. Tender pork mixed with their signature BBQ sauce, washed down with a pint of cider. What more can I ask for on a Friday night?

I wore jeans from Topman, Nike blazers, and a new tee from the Reggie Yates collection which has just launched for Burton. I was a bit unsure at first whether I liked it, but after trying on some of the tees and vests he has designed, I was sold and this one is now part of my wardrobe.
Have a look online, it's not too expensive and the designs are different to anything else you find in store! 

 Next stop was Mama Jerk for some chicken.
This wasn't just any old chicken, this was the kind of stuff that puts Nandos to shame. You can smell the spice in the air whilst we waited, watching the chef turn the chicken and thrown on more and more sauce to heat it up...

We both went for a portion of chicken wingspan, grabbed a spot to stand, refueled our pints and glanced at each other knowing this was going to be a hot one.
Holy Mama Jerk, it was so spicy that Lee managed a few mouthfuls, whilst I powered on through and ate all three. Great chicken, but now a tongue that was pretty much on fire in my mouth!

We carried on throughout the night, eating more food from the range of food stalls until we were fit to burst!

One of the final stops we made was over to the Waffle On stall. We had overheard conversations about how good their food was all evening, so thought we would treat our expanding waistlines to a taste of what they had to offer.

Whilst we ummed and arred whether to go for sweet or savory, the customer in front told us how utterly amazing the duck waffle was.
Easily influenced, our decision was made.

This tasted unbelievably good. The sweetness of the waffle mixed with the plum sauce and duck went down so well that I contemplated going back for seconds. 
Whoever thought about throwing an egg on top is a genius too! It added that extra bit of flavor to make your taste buds go into overdrive. Check out more of their food on twitter.

Deciding that we are both champions in our Luke Vs. Lee Foodie Feast, and nearing a food-coma, we grabbed an ice cream each from Sorbitium as our reward. I went for the Sea Salt Caramel, whilst Lee went for the Blackcurrent and Mint Sherbert.

With our bellies full of great food and drink, we made our way away into the night clutching our ice creams. 
StreetFeast didn't fail to impress, and is on every Friday and Saturday through to September. You have to go and check it out if you are in the area, it literally is that good! 
Don't forget to go more than once though, as the food stalls change each week!
See you there on Friday, yeah? 

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