My 24th Birthday. Day 2.

You can always judge how good a night out was by the way you feel the next morning.

Your body is tired and achy, your head is thumping and your mouth is drier than a nuns lady garden. Then you start to piece together the night before, in my case whilst laid in bed with Lian, before wandering into the kitchen to grab a much needed glass of water.

Last night was a great celebration, and from about 6am onwards everyone made their way back to the now messy apartments. However, being on a workers body clock and excited that it was my birthday, I was wide awake at 8:30am and had to have everyone awake with me whilst I watched my favourite Disney film...

Beauty and The Beast

Whilst everyone surfaced and made their way to the sofas, we discovered a few 'items' that had made their way back south of the river with us. A chinese resturant menu and chopsticks, a cocktail mixer, and a girl named Jackie to name just a few. (Okay, we know Jackie, but she can count as one!) Then we found this...

Massage Parlour
Apparently no night would be complete without heading to a massage parlour in SoHo, and taking the sign with you when you leave!

With the big hoo-ha last night, and the fragile state I was in, it was time to pack up and run back to the countryside for some family time. Escaping from the smog and bright lights of the big city to relax in the countryside with a nice glass of cider is the perfect hangover cure. Hare of the dog and all that.

Travelling in style was mandatory for us all...



Road Trip

After a couple of hours of driving and singing along to a bit of Whitney and Britney, we were back in the land of fresh air with a cuppa in hand and the family, once again singing happy birthday with even more (homemade) cupcakes.

I swear I am going to turn into a cupcake!


My mum thought the balloons should reflect that we live in a farmhouse...

Lounging around in the living room in front of the fire, we devoured the cakes and told everyone about the night befores antics. Opening cards and presents, the afternoon was perfect for the two party animals with horrific hangovers.

Having a birthday meal is a must, and the best part of being back in the West Country was the fact that we could go to a village pub for dinner, and fill ourselves to the point of bursting. With the addition of Amy, we headed to The Fox and Hounds in Monkton Farleigh. This old, traditional pub was the perfect setting for a quiet birthday meal with family and friends, and the food was absolutely amazing!

Birthday Meal


Birthday Meal

I was tempted to go for the home made steak pie, but opted for the duck leg.

Definately the best choice.

Birthday Meal

Desert was the homemade apple crumble, which was a fat persons dream, a calorie counters nightmare. The food was amazing, and the pub is situated en route to Bath, so if you happen to be in the area then stop by for lunch or dinner! They are open till late, and the staff were really accomodating.

With a few glasses of wine and a couple of vodkas, the food disappeared amongst the conversations, and we made our tipsy way back down the country lanes to the house to carry on with more cake.

By this time, I was too full of alcohol and food to eat anymore, so we all relaxed in front of the fire once again.

Only for me to fall asleep until the next day...