I Am Soho

A little while ago I did the standard #FridayFollow on my Twitter, and found myself being mentioned in the same tweet as a company called I Am Soho.

Being a little nosey, and also wondering what it was all about, I decided to dig a little deeper and find out exactly who I am Soho is. Was it a person who claimed to be the King of Soho and had millions of followers, or was it just an account with a lucky name.

What I found was pretty much what I needed in my life, and you will too by the end of this if you are a Londoner.

Soho, London

I Am Soho is actually a luxury lifestyle card, which lets anyone who is lucky enough to have one get a load of VIP benefits around Soho and London. If you go to Soho, then this needs to be in your wallet.

It's like how a fat kid needs cake.
How a baby needs a dummy.
Like how a granny needs Tena Lady.
You get the picture.

In a nutshell... you get the luxury of Soho at a discount.

I managed to get my hands on one of these, and for the last month or so I have been constantly using it around Soho.

I am Soho Card

On any day, you can get your mop chopped at Fordhams Salon, and grab a quick tan in town, before grabbing a bite to eat at MADD.

Whilst remembering that nothing tastes better than skinny feels.

Then, home to change and have a KiKI before heading into town... working your way down from Tottenham Court Road by visiting The Edge for a pint, Circa for some cocktails, braving The Yard for a cheap vodka mixer, before debating what club to go to next.

I drink a Mojito like it is water, just so you know!

Probably a little too pissed to walk in a straight line down the Old Compton Catwalk, just remember that Green Carnation, Shadow Lounge (on some nights) and Mayfair Parties do have free entry if you flash the plastic. They may even have happy hour on for a little longer if you have the card, just to get you even more drunk.

Mojito Soho

Waking up the next morning, you may find a bit more change in your wallet than you are used to, or a hangover so horrific that a Sblended smoothie may fix it. Whatever the outcome, just make sure you still have the card in your wallet for next time!

If you are a Soho regular, then grabbing one of these cards is a must. It isn't just drink you can save on, as there are resturants that accept the card. The ones which are currently included can be found here, though Ballans doesn't seem to have joined the card club yet which is a shame! With clubs like KU bar joining the brand too, it caters for everyone, and the list is continually growing.

Like all cards, they don't come free, but fortunately the I Am Soho card isn't expensive. For £20, you can get one and be a member of this ultimate club. Their website even has an event calender so you can keep track of what nights are on and where for you to use it. I know, £20 is £20, but you are saving money in the long term.

Go on, click here and get one now. You will not regret it!

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