The Winter Coat

Every morning throughout the winter I wake up and hide under my duvet, hiding away from the cold outside until the last minute before I fall into the 'running late' state.

You know exactly what I mean. The cold apartment because you forgot to put the heating on, or jumping out of a hot shower into what feels like a freezing bathroom. The winter mornings just make you want to stay in bed.

If I could stay wrapped in my duvet, I would.

Instead, I have to settle for the next best thing, my winter coat. (Or coats, for different occasions). My portable duvet that, mixed with co-ordinating hat, gloves and scarf, keeps me warm on these cold winter days. Since I posted a picture on my Instagram and Twitter, (follow my Instagram, and my Twitter here) I have had people asking me where I got mine from.

It may not be a duvet, but it is the next best thing, and there is still time to grab one of these winter warmers for yourself! 

1. The All Saints Maddox coat

Winter Coat

If I said All Saints Coat to you, then you would probably think metal studs and skulls on a ill-shaped piece of clothing. But, this is quite the opposite, with them creating this classic black coat with their signature look for £225.00.

2. The Topman Camel Wool Trench

Winter Coat

Trench coats are a timeless piece that always look great with your outfit. This season, I have opted for a grey one, but a light colour like this one from Topman for £90 is a great long term investment.

Like any trench, you can wear it open or closed and they still look great.

Trench Coat

3. The Jack Wills Duffel

Jack Wills

Duffel coats are a wardrobes best friend this winter, and Jack Wills have created this little gem to keep you warm. You don't need to be an Oxford or Cambridge student to wear this, and surprisingly it's only £129.

4. The Zara Trench

zara coat

I have fallen in love with this coat from Zara for £139. Yes, it screams out campness, but if you wear it with the right outfit then you are sure to stand out for all the right reasons. You can match it with a woolen scarf to add that extra warmth, and leather sleeve is a trend that is starting to catch on!

5. River Islands Buckle Style Jacket

river island mens coat

If a trench is not what you are after, then head to River Island who have this navy, buckle style jacket. I love a jacket with big pockets, so I can store all my accessories when I ain't wearing them. Fortunately, this £65 gem comes with just that!

6. Peregrine Woodford Wax Jacket.

Winter Coat

You may have remembered my little visit to Peregrine back in June to preview their winter collection, and how I fell head over heels for this jacket, and the model too. The quality was amazing, and I could happily justify the £249 price tag for this. I'm bucking the Barbour trend with this one, and so should you!

7. The Scotch and Soda Duffel

Winter Coat

Another duffel, a different colour. There are so many different varient and style of duffel, but the trick is to stick to the traditional duffel. It looks just as glam, and Scotch and Soda have this one on sale for £200.

8. Fly53 Jacket

Mens Jacket

This coat screams Little Red Riding Hood... but for men. Throw on this £100 jacket, a pair of gloves and your ear muffs, and head out into the winter prepared and warm!

9. The Parker


Everyone loves a parker jacket. They are big, warm, and if you get the right one it is an extension of your duvet! Asos (I know, right!) have made their version available online for a mere £80. Plus, it is as comfy and warm as sitting by the fire!

10. My Jacket

Zara Coat

Last, but not least, is the coat I have had everyone asking me about. This picture does not do it justice, but this Zara piece is exactly what a country boy needed this winter, alongside my other purchases. So much so that I cant seem to stop wearing it!

Winter Coat

With any of these coats, throw together some matching gloves, hats and scarfs and you will find that getting out of bed isn't so bad in the morning.

Are there any others that I should have included?

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  1. I love this Winter Coat. It looks great! I just bought one of these at Burlington Coat Factory. I saved about $40 on it and I am already wearing it everywhere. It is also warm enough that it will keep me from freezing this winter.