Cotton Jelly

I am in the middle of a packing nightmare.

On one side of the room is all my belongings in boxes, ready for me to move house. On the other, a pile of clothes that I want to keep out to wear to clubs, pubs, and to pack for next week's trip.

You know exactly what happens too, the majority of it stays out 'just in case.' Though I have found three tops that I am keeping out and took a break to show them off.

Like this one...

Hugo Is The New Boss

Nice little play on words, don't you think?

Cotton Jelly has become my new obsession over the last few days. They are a small, English based t-shirt company who are similar to Hype with some cool slogans.

Hugo Is The New Boss TShirt

Hugo Is The New Boss Tshirt

I've teamed these tee's up with my new Nike's 5.0, and my black skinny jeans from ASOS.

Anyone remember that Craig David album from back in the early 00's?

Cotton Jelly T Shirt

Cotton Jelly TShirt

Cotton Jelly TShirt

I bet you do now!
I know, it was Slicker Than Your Average, but you know where I was going with it.

Although this is my fav t-shirt out of them all, and there is one cool thing about this one...
There are only 500 of them!

Time to spin around for the camera and show it off a bit!

Fresh T Shirt

Fresh TShirt

Fresh T Shirt

Fresh T SHirt

Fresh TShirt

Which means the chances of you bumping into someone with the same tee is real slim!

Cotton Jelly

I had to jump on the personalise wagon, it feels like I am back at school again with my name tags in my jumpers!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I've already worn this one out on a night out. I had everyone ask me where it is from, so I thought I better tell you all where to get them...

Cotton Jelly

You can buy the Fresh one here. Hugo Is The New Bo$$ here, and Sicker Thank Your Average here.

Although there are so many more online (and ladies they do a range for you too!).

I'm off to battle the packing, wish me luck!