Like any blogger, being snap-happy is part of the job!

Even when I don't have my camera on me, the mobile gets whipped out and I usually capture a picture on my iPhone. Then it is straight to Instagram and shared for the world to see...
Krispy KremesThe perfect birthday present... Although devoured in 30 minutes

Say hello to Poppy, she is a Beagle, the rut of the pack who my mum fell in love with. She
is usually found passed out on the sofa after a heavy day walking...

Whereas I prefer my bed and a cup of tea after a heavy night out!

The Simple Life
Making sure my envelope stood out among the rest at a recent birthday meal... Quick bit of
printing and gluing seemed to do the trick!

WE Party
WE Party... Wearing a top I thought no-one else would be wearing...
I was wrong, obviously!

My housemate has just returned from Korea, armed with chocolate and goodies...
These were sooo much better than Mikados!

Being professional (of course!) at a Advertising industry workshop.
Skins... THE television show that summed up our teens!

Southbank LondonSouthbank... one of the nicest places in London when the lights go down at night.
A quick stroll, visit to the Tate and hot dog was on the menu!

Southbank London
Walking off the hot dog, all the way to my favorite cake shop!

Lolas Cupcakes
Can you tell that I like food? Lola's Cupcakes are my biggest weakness... Try the
Oreo one. Heaven!

Kensington Roof Gardens
Me and a few friends went to the Halloween Masquerade Ball at Kensington Roof Gardens.
The bow tie wasn't a clip on, and it managed to stay in place all night!

Kensington Roof Gardens
A room full of vampires, zombies, witches and blood 6 floors above London...
Trick or treat?

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