The Vest

The weather forecast is saying that this weekend, temperatures will hit the 16/17 degrees mark (in celcius). So long the freezing cold temperatures, and hello a bit of sunshine! In England, this is a standard 'the sunshine is out, so out comes my shorts and vest.' So you may aswell crack out a vest, before putting it back into hibernation untill the summer!

However, vests don't have to worn just when it is sunny. You can always wear one with a shirt or cardigan, or with a coat or denim jacket. With all the high street chains churning out various designs, you can pick a few to accompany your wardrobe and make your outfit ready for summer, or a hot night in a club! Whichever floats your boat!

I love to wear a vest in the summer, and usually I go for a slightly baggy fit rather than a snug, suck onto my body look. Mix this with some tailored bottoms and summer shoes, and you are ready to hit the beach or park. If you are heading to a nightclub then a denim jacket or shirt normally looks great, but go for something that doesn't clash with the vest itself.

Here are a few of my favs ones out there at the moment! I know what you are thinking, £35.00 for a vest?! and I totally agree. They can be expensive, but also can be worn for a few summers. I have a few from a few years ago that I will wear again this year, and just tell my friends they are 'vintage' ha! If you love something, then you HAVE to buy it don't you!

Click on each to go through to the relevant site!

Of course, you can always grab some fabric scissors from your local store and cut up an old t-shirt into a vest, which saves you the money! Or check out some on eBay (Just get brand new with tags though!) and you can save some money!

Please don't hold it against me if it rains this weekend! BBC weather is normally reliable! :D Enjoy!