Ditch the Chinos

You know the situation. You get ready for a night out, sort out the hair, spray some aftershave, put on your best pair of chinos and a top to go with, and head out onto the town looking reem. Sorry, just had the temptation to use that word!

The only problem is, once you get out onto the town, your chinos have seemed to cloned themselves onto every other male attendee of the watering hole! Fantastic! Your sand coloured chinos with the white button are on everyone else, or in a range of colours! Not so reem now!

As we have all realised by now, menswear has been steadily progressing in a much more refined and smarter direction. Chinos offer that, but when you and your friends look identical from behind with some sand chinos and white top, it's time for a slight change.

Hello wool trousers.

Yes, wool. First thoughts? Grandad and old age. But, the great thing about these trousers is that they are not hard to wear. You can use them for nearly all your outfits and replace the chinos or jeans to stand out from the crowd. You can still roll them up (and use an iron to hold that roll in place) and match them with a shirt, polo, low neck tee. Play around and see what works for you. It's taking smart to that next level, whilst keeping the casual 'saturday night' feel about your outfit.

Here are a few ideas of how you can throw some wool trousers into your outfit.

They can really smarten up an outfit, whilst staying cool and on trend. Another plus? They are made of wool, which means they can keep you warm through this horrible cold weather!

Here are some of my choices, click on the image to be linked to the website: