Bending it with Beckham

There are those moments in life where you literally have to pinch yourself to realise what is going on. otherwise you get completely lost in the moment and before you know it, it's over.

I was up in London on Wednesday for a few more interviews, again wearing my same interview outfit as I blogged about last week! It is always a nice outfit to wear, and after a few hours of answering questions I found myself wandering around Oxford Circus, having a browse in the shops.

I had no idea that H&M were launching the David Beckham underwear range on Wednesday at their flagship near Oxford Circus, so you can imagine my delight when I saw the window display. I snapped a picture and facebook'd it, before carrying on having a browse round before I went to meet my friend later that evening.

Stood freezing cold at Plimlico underground station and craving a visit to ChinaTown, I finally caught up with my friend.  Already knowing that he had just come from an event, and due to his connections with work, I had a feeling it HAD to be something relating to the H&M launch, so you can imagine my excitement when he told me that I also had entry to the event... I think the people at the bottom of the escalator heard me scream Oh My God when he told me that it was the David Beckham evening bash I was going to. Sod the chinese, I was off to the hottest party in town!

Composing myself, we headed off to the location (stopping at a pub on the way so I could sort out my tube-blown hair and add some aftershave- my outfit was staying the same as I didn't have an iron!). Held in a Hotel in Millbank, I walked up to the front, dodging the paparazzi and few fans that had gathered, and was greeted with a huge statue of David Beckham himself. Only a few hours ago I had Facebook'd a picture of the same, smaller statue in the window display, and now here I am at the Party!

After checking my bag in, I made my way upstairs to the main room and before my eyes were a range of celebrities. I was in awe and had to pinch myself a few times to remind myself that I wasn't dreaming. I was a HUGE Spice Girl fan, so to see Emma Bunton and her husband laughing away was crazy for me. The same for Jessica Ennis, who I have adored and followed her career since she started out in Athletics. Bear Grills was chatting away to Dermot O'Leary to my right, and a whole host of other celebs were mingling and enjoying the atmosphere.

Trying not to let the screaming fan inside me take over, I grabbed a glass of champagne and started to mingle with my friend and his work collegues, and whoever they were talking to. The champagne kept getting poured, and there was canapes offered around although I chose not to eat in case I ended up spilling something!

Then, around half an hour after I arrived, David Beckham himself walked into the room. Literally 5 metres away from me. For me, it was another pinch yourself moment as he walked through the crowd, posing for photos for the newspapers with other celebs like Rizzle Kicks. I had already whipped my phone out and done a Facebook status, and then we started to move around and get talking to people.

I met a couple of lovely girls call Tali and Hattie, who introduced to me a Bloody Mary and spent quite a lot of the evening with. Laughing away and enjoying the night, watching as the chefs brought out the most amazing dessert trolley I have ever seen.

My quest for a photo with David was looking like it wasn't going to happen, because he was constantly surrounded by celebrities and other people congratulating him on the launch, and being interviewed by a few press members. However, when he came to talk to my friends group who he knew anyways, I thought I had to ask as it was now or never! So I walked over and said: 'Excuse me David, but can I get a picture because my mum adores you,' to which he said was absolutely fine! First name terms there! His manager tried to not have the picture taken, but I used my charm and she was happy to let me pose. You can imagine my excitement when he put his arm around my back and I did the same to him! It was Bromance from there!

Snap Snap and the pictures done, I thanked him for the evening and the photo, then he turned to start talking to another group of people. I had just spoken to, and buddied up with David Beckham for a photo! I was literally speechless.

Carrying on sipping the alcohol, which was now a vodka and lemonade, we chatted away to more people until I saw Jess Ennis was stood with her partner just across from me. Sod it, I have had a couple of drinks and feeling confident after asking Mr 'Goldenballs' for a picture, it was time to wish her good luck for this year. We went over, I started chatting to her and my friend complimented her dress, and had a right little laugh. She was so sweet and genuine, and really made my night even more better. It was like a dream come true in a non-cheesy way!

The star of the evening had already left, but not before saying goodbye to us and letting me thank him once again for the Bromance pose we had! With the alcohol still flowing, we continued to party the evening away with some friends, had our photos taken by some photographers (photos can be found here), and stood on Bridget Nelson Husbands foot (Of course, I apologised). Like all good things, the party drew to a close and we made our way to the exits.

On the way out we were given a goody bag each with some items inside. The last time I had a goody bag was at freshers fair, and that contained a few flyers and some penny sweets. A David Beckham goody bag on the other hand, was amazing. Two pieces from his new collection (I got the underwear and t-shirt), a bottle of his newest fragrance which smells amazing, and a smaller statue of him. It is like an oscar, and weighs a tonne! The following day I was sat on the tube with my bag in hand, and the woman opposite was looking at pictures in the paper of the celebs leaving with their goody bags, looked at mine and smiled. Little ol' me with my DB bag :D

Me and my friend made it to the tube station, and headed up to finally grab that chinese in China Town! It was worth putting off for a few hours, and was delicious! I always find China Town to be fascinating, and even more attractive after a few vodkas and the urge to eat growing by the second. The excitement of the night was still running through me untill I passed out when I got back to my friends.

The next morning I woke up, and headed off to one of my interviews with a sense of bewilderness. This was one of the hottest A-List parties in town, and I was able to meet some of my idols that night. It might sound cheesy or corny, but I had such a fantastic time! David Beckham met the Wiltshire Country Boy! High 5 for that :D

And yes, I am still pinching myself now.

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