Being Proud

I'm currently laid on my bed reflecting on the past weekends activites and taking in everything that occured. You see, I left home on Thursday evening and headed down to Brighton to a campsite ready to celebrate Brighton Pride 2010.

When everyone thinks of Pride, they immeadiately think of homosexuality and alcohol. Its one big party to celebrate who we are and what we have accomplished in the continually moving culture that we live in. However, a lot of this is overlooked by those who want to go and get completely wasted the entire weekend. I wont lie, I definately drank enough alcohol for a years consumption, but each time I looked around I remembered that thanks to events such as Stonewall and the introduction of the rights homosexual people now have, this event is being able to happen each and every year. This year was no exception, with 160,000 people lining the streets of Brighton to celebrate this.

What was really interesting to me was the conversation me and my partner had on the way back from Nandos last night. It revolved around the acceptance of homosexuality and how older generations are slowly becomming more accepting of it. It was interesting to talk about how we are part of this movement of making homoseuxality even more acceptable. Whilst people in their 40/50/60's and onwards are still hesitant of homosexuality, younger generations are more and more accepting. Children are being born into a world where homoseuxality is no different to heterosexuality, and this couldnt be anymore demonstrated than the amount of children I saw at pride carrying the rainbow flags and enjoying the atmosphere.

There will come a point when we are in our elder years, and we will be able to see 21 year old, homosexual people be widely accepted. What we came to on our journey home is that we are part of that movement to make homoseuxality even more accepting and by the time we are in our 80's it will be no different to anything else. The sad part, we said, was that we would not be able to enjoy what those young people will be. It made us appreciate the effort our older generations went through, and even more reason the celebrate what we did at pride.

Homosexuality is no different to Heteroseuxality. Love is Love and everyday its becomming more accepted.